After an hour of very futile googling, I've decided to go about my business for the day and see if you fine folks have any experience with this sort of thing.

Now, while I say hole-free, I think something like the little pinhole from those Hercules hook things would probably fly under the radar. I have a small apartment where, "no holes in the wall," is the rule, and I'm running out of room to move without knocking over a guitar, or injuring myself gyrating around to avoid one.

I'm sure there must be *some* hanger for poor souls in my situation, but I seem to lack the search engine skills to locate one. If ya'll can help, I'd be greatly appreciative.
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just use a normal wall hanger and fill the holes before you move out...

most places make you repaint the walls white anyways
Yeah same here, my tiny room doesn't really have place for anything so I just tend to screw things up the wall..

Filling and painting really isn't that hard, right?