It has been awhile since I posted here. I built a Fender Mustang a few years ago, and I've decided to refinish it due to the grain showing through the finish. I've sanded all the paint off. I was thinking of using Timbermate wood filler to fill the grain, but I was wondering if I should continue to sand the body more to make it smoother prior to applying the filler, and if so, what grit of sandpaper?
You should be able to eliminate the texture of the wood grain from just sanding without the use of a wood filler. Since you already have the paint down, I'd use 100, (or whatever you used to take the paint off) and slowly work my way up to like 600 and make it glass smooth. so like 80/100- 120/150 - 250 - 320 - 400 -600/steel wool or similar grit numbers, whatever you can get from your local hardware store.

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