Is it possible to have a relatively powerful tube head (Bugera 6260/6262) running through a 2x12 at low bedroom level?

I've never used a tube amp or separate head and cab so i don't know exactly how this would work, but would it be possible to put some kind of amplifier between the head and cab and use it to tone the volume down a bit? I tried the amp out at my guitar store and although it sounded awesome, it was too loud even at 1 or 2 to be practical at home (old neighbours and such, otherwise i'd love cranking it). I basically need it to be able to play at very low level as well as hold up on stage with the same setup, and i'm not sure this is possible.

- Noob question -

Because of the volume problem, is it also possible to record (with decent quality) from the loudspeaker socket of the head unit? I'm well aware that it would sound better mic'd through the cab but i love being able to record and play into my computer using my Spider IV's line-out (i'll be selling it to fund the Bugera, i can't even look at it after trying the 6260). It's also better late at night when i can't play with the speakers at all and have to use headphones.
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You can easily run tube amps at low volumes, they just dont sound as good.
Some people use attenuators, but arguably they sap sound as well.

You cant run the output from a head directly into your computer, that would be a bad idea. You will need something to sit between head and cab, my guess would be a speaker sim.
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I was just worried about the sound dying a bit, in the guitar store it sounded awesome at normal volumes but it was on a 4x12 and i couldn't get it low enough... I got dropbox but i keep getting a 403 'please log in' error whenever i click the link :/

Anybody know if something like Guitar Rig 4 has cabinet simulation?
Periphery, love that shit!


not as good quality though.

it wont sound the same as it would at high volume, but for metal, I still maintain a high wattage amp turned down, always sounds better than a low watt amp turned up.

EDIT: God I miss that amp. It was so ****ing good.

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