Hello all,

Im a experienced player that would really like to improve my overall playing and knowledge. I mostly play alone, mainly cause im in iraq for a while so i get in ruts. I love blues, rock, metal and such. I can play fairly well, but i definitely need work on my soloing, scale knowledge and so on. I could really use a recommendation on what to practice and when. Such as...do i do theory one day..scales another..a song the next? I can pretty much practice roughly 3 hours a day, its just getting on a schedule so i dont stay in the same spot. Im wanting to learn a ton of different things, blues styles, sweep picking, the whole thing. But i know i gotta pace myself and just get on a schedule. Again i want to state, im not a beginner..ive been playing for roughly 15 yrs.....i just want to thoroughly improve.

Thanks for any advice
I tried doing a schedule and it just made me hate guitar. If you can stick by one, go for it... but if you feel like practicing the C major scale for 1 hour and it doesn't bother you, keep doing it.

IMO though best to play it until you just don't want to anymore, if you have to ration your time-- 30 minutes per technique (pentatonic, sweeps...etc)
My ''main'' practice time is spent on the guitar - practicing techniques, learning new songs, memerising new scales etc. After a few hours I'll take a break, then spend around an hour studying theory, looking at new ideas or writing lyrics for some of my songs. Funnily enough I focus better on theory away from my guitar... guess that's just me.
i thought many about building practice schedules and found the best msic charrt:
1.mechanical parts: a. working on exercises b.covering songs

2.ear work: a.ear training exercises b.listening to music and fin things on them(tone-rhythm type-intervals recognize...

3.music work:making chord progressions-solos-improvising-making music-recording...

4.live play:live playing experience with a band on weekends

5.gathering information about theory-tones-gears...from everywhere-reading books...

lead practice charts:
scale chop speed ex.s(alternate picking)
sweep picking
techniques(whammy bar-harmonies-double stops...)
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Not everyones practice schedule will work with you.

First i would make a list on what you want to improve on, and just start going down the list. There is a bunch of stuff to work on, so getting it all into your practice is difficult.
Then just practice, or work into your playing. until you have it master and down, then move on. BUT make sure you come back to it ever couple of days just to keep it fresh with you.

and make a list of songs you want to learn, and go through and master them.

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