Blues scale in A

Got this in my head as individual frettings so i can fret masturbate all this with little effort. Feels cool


What theory do I need in order to ( asuming it will take me less time than relearn the other key possitions ) play this scale in other keys. ?

Linky's would appreciated.
what the hell?
Play a scale in a different key by changing to diffferent root note... but keeping the same interval sequence from there.
Yeah, you play guitar by patterns. What you have there is based on the A minor pentatonic, which you can play over the C major, to play it in a different key, just choose whichever key you want then shift the whole thing until the 3rd note on the E string is the root note.

Eg. for B it would be 7, E 12, etc.
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Bah nevermind, got that learning fret patterns is a waste of time..
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If you can't see beyond the shape you've memorised then that's your own fault. You need to learn the notes on your fretboard, learn how to find intervals and learn how scales are constructed.

Cringer's right though, all that's ultimately going to happen is that you'll be transposing that entire shape.
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I could do that, but you see i could only shift that thing i memorized, meaning for eg.
B blues on the LOW E would start on 5 7 10 12 etc... but there would be nothing lower than 5... since.. the A scale didnt have nothing lower than the 3 fret.. you getting what im saying? the lower I would go B,C,D keys etc. the lower part of the neck would get blanker and blanker...

This is why scales should not be learned nor comprehended in one fixed position.
B minor pentatonic does in fact exist below the 5th fret.
Do you know what an octave is? Do you understand that a pentatonic scale has only five notes?

Do you see a the pattern repeating 12 frets up? Fully understanding that should answer this part:

B blues on the LOW E would start on 5 7 10 12 etc... but there would be nothing lower than 5... since.. the A scale didnt have nothing lower than the 3 fret

But more importantly you should understand that scales are not patterns of frets or fingerings, but patterns of notes. I think it would help you if you were to re-do that chart thing where you wrote the fret numbers on the scale tone but instead wrote the note names (A C D E G), it would help you visualise the notes and not the frets.
You can get fretboard diagrams for stuff like this im sure where you would highlight certain notes, give it a google and see if anything like that comes up. You could also get wee tiny stickers and write the note names on them (if the letters fit) and stick them all over the fretboard - Ive seen this done for memorising note names (ie hilighting all the notes of the major scale).

So yeah, learn the notes of the fretboard and study into what scales actually mean.

Have fun.

PS- If you still want an easy way out answering your initial question ill tell you this - if you download (illegally or legally, i dont care) guitar pro (and im sure there are other programs available, google guitar scale finder or something) and go on the scale finder thing itll show a fretboard diagram and you can choose to highlight any scale.
Please disregard that that and follow my earlier advice to learn a bit of theory first though, itll be much more beneficial in the long run.
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