How can I raise the pickups on my custom telecaster up? Im using Tv Jones Standard Mount pickups but I think that the route is too deep and when I screw down the pickups they are really low.
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Are they mounted to a pickguard or pickup ring? Or do you have them mounted directly to the wood in the pickup routes?
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if the route is too deep im assuming they are mounted to the wood. get longer screws and springs?
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A trick I use when I can't get the pickups close enough to the strings when the little coil springs around the height adjustment screws are as tight as they are going to get is to cut these springs in half, allowing the pickup to get closer to the strings.
That's a good trick Guitbuilder. But the pups in a telecaster most of them are mounted on the wood so it's either getting longer screws, springs or gluing two small pieces of wood where the screw holes are so you can raise the pickup.
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You say when you screw down. You shouldn't be screwing them down like you're tightening a bolt, you turn the screw to adjust the pickup. Also, people, TV Jones pickups are wood mounted so tighten the screw the pickup goes down (not up). Anyhow bla bla bla, loosen the screw till they're at the right height.