Garbage & Dirty
shoes we walk through rotting things
called our nostalgia.

Our friends pick up trash
i hate the trash that they pick up
but the trashs still there.

i wrote a novel
but no on will read it b/c
it is not a blog.

i painted a pic
but no one will but it b/c
it is free on blogs.

its free to change yr.
pc desktop to great art.
all art is dying.

i downloaded this
software to tell you not to
steal music and art.

i was born in the
u.s. of america
god bless this country

our feet won't stop us
from moving into culture
god bless this country.

digitally, i
remove pimples from pretty
blemishing faces.

"Is 9/11 the reason all moms became terrified to let their kids wonder 15 feet away from them?"
"No, it's the reason they won't let them get in buildings taller than a double-decker bus."

Define: Modern Culture- moths attracted to the flame of celebrity.

There are only a few good things about the mid-west.

People in the mid-west are afraid of everything. Dr. Dre, bees, gas prices, merging on the highway, mosquitoes, terrorism, world war, global warming, excessive sunlight, Mexicans, skin, barefeet, bicycles, jogging, ponds, Osama Bin Laden, The Police (Law Enforcement not the band,) red ink, and god.

You’re either young and scared of getting old or you’re old and scared of getting old.

I think everyone is young and terrified and it’s giant and vague and nonsensical but it’s there. That fear.

So all we can do, is look to Ferris Bueller.
I've had doubts about this project when you told me about it because it's damn near impossible to not picture it as riding a gimmick rather than a theme. But then again...prove me wrong.
Poor advice.
The style of writing here was fascinating, but I felt like the content was rather tired... I've read so much cynical commentary on American consumer culture that it'll take diction stranger than this to make it interesting. As far as creativity goes the writing here was great, I'd just suggest you pick a different topic or if you're going to go with "our culture is superficial and vacuous" try and make it a little more subtle.


"Art is always and everywhere the secret confession, and at the same time the immortal movement of its time."

I mostly agree with UncleRemus in that this is quite an over done issue.
Not to say it wasn't well done however.

I feel like you touched greatness at points, especially here.

its free to change yr.
pc desktop to great art.
all art is dying.

It just really rang true. Some of the other stanzas came of too superior (the "i wrote a novel" stanza for example) but this one was instantly relatable. If you lessened the scope of this poem to focus on the idea contained within the stanza i picked out you'd have something really interesting.

As stands though this is really good but just a tad typical.