Hi everyone.
My first post here so correct me if i'm not getting the formalities right.

I have a Yamaha CPX500 Guitar and plug into a Marshall ASD100 amp.

Last year I joined a 'Wedding' band - we play a wide range of stuff, a couple of Rock songs, mostly pop.
The Acoustic fits in quite well with most of the songs, but i'm looking for some worthwhile accessories so I can play around with settings/sounds, and make my part work with the rest of the band.

Now I'm not a guitar pro by any stretch of the imagination. I have limited knowledge of Guitar tech, especially when it comes to the extra pedals and what they do. That's why i'm here.

Advice, suggestions would be really appreciated.
I'd imagine a budget of around 500.
I quite like the look of the Fishman, the range of effects seem a lot more interesting than the ones on my Marshall (they hardly sound any different).
not beyond my price range either.. thanks.