Hey guys, I found a 70s Hagstrom Swede with Schaller tuners and a Gibson bridge on my local classified site for $300. I don't know a whole lot of details on old Hagstroms, just that the old ones were made in Sweden and that they sound pretty good. Does anyone know how good they are build-wise? And what the pickups are like? I just want to be absolutely sure before getting anything. Any more details would be much appreciated, and thanks in advance.

Edit: Also, if it helps, I'm playing through a Vox AC15C1 and my current guitar is an old Squier Strat.
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Pictures for easier identification please?
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old hagstoms are very well made guitars, they sound good too. if it's in halfway diecent shape buy it I doubt you'll regret it.
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Pictures for easier identification please?

He didn't post any with the ad. I emailed him and asked if I could see some pics, and now I'm waiting for a reply.
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Hagstroms are solid - the '70s ones sound great through Vox amps too.
I've tried a Super Swede (modern one) but still prefer the olders ones. Last one I played was a black one that was quite SG like.

I'd buy it - although I'd want to see photos first.
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