A few months ago I was asking my dad for some suggestions on players that were the most had ever heard. He's always been into the more obscure types of players. So he had me listen to some Michael Hedges. I was very impresses by the technical abilities. But the music seemed to not hit me on an emotional level. At that he time he also suggested some Jerry Reed. Now this a was what I was looking for. His playing seemed so soulful and the riffs while not looking hard on paper are quite difficult to replicate his style of playing them.

Well the other night he heard me listening to some of Jerry's music. He said if you like that then you should check out some Leo Kottke. He said many people put him in the same category as Michael Hedges. But he always thought his style had no comparison.
always put Kottke in the category of "Brain wired Backwards" because it seemed to compose his type of music. You had to think of things in a very obscure manner. Well not to bore you anymore. I thought I would add some of his playing to this post, for younger guy's like myself who had never heard it before and If anyone has any insight to his style and his influences.



You'd probably like the Black Crowes, if you don't already know them :P

This stuff sounds very southern/soul. Always cool
Hedges is one of those guys they put in the "new age" music category.... He has excellent technical chops but the music just seems to go on and on with no point. They call this "space" music in some circles. Not for me.
I got Kottke's first album when it came out, that's his "Six and Twelve String Guitar" album, all instrumental. Created quite a stir....
He's quite a character. Other artists in that genre include John Fahey and as I recall, Peter Lang. They were sometimes referred to as American Primitive guitarists. (don't know why, nothing primitive about the playing!)
Buddy if like those you will love Tommy Emmanual, and i might add his brother Phill.