I need some guitar cables and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a 20 foot-ish cable with one end straight and the other end having a right angle jack
Mogami and monster are about some of the best you can buy. I actually have two 10' mogami's and they kick ass, solid as shit and no tone-sucking whatsoever... Of course, they really bring out the shittiness of my gear :-/ haha. In all honesty, anything with a reputable name would probably do.
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Do you have a price range, because they do make insanely expensive cables
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Do you have a price range, because they do make insanely expensive cables

I would like to keep it relatively inexpensive
If you can make your own, buy some bulk cable from Best-Tronics and some Switchcraft or Neutrik ends. Cheap as fack for great cable. Otherwise, Lava makes cheap Mogami or Canare.


If those are too expensive, I guess there's always Livewire but it's cheap crap IMO. High capacitance, crappy shielding, mediocre build quality. Though you do get a lifetime warranty.
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