Has anyone been able to find the tabs for this song yet? Or has anyone tabbed it? Great song which I want to learn. Thanks in advance
A thread from a few months ago, but good to know, I tabbed this song out from start to finish minus the solo this morning. To be completely honest it took me about 10 minutes to figure it out. The only thing I can't tab is the solo and the lead in the chorus. I can pick up a few notes in the chorus but not every single one, but I am close. The rhythm for the chorus is complete though :-). Are you aware of how I write tabs down on the computer? Is there a template that I can just insert the numbers to? And by the way, the song is in dropped C# (C#-G#-C#-F#-A#-D#) thanks. Much appreciated. If you can link me to a template I can tab it for you or I can upload a YouTube video of me playing it.