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I apologize if this topic doesn't fit in this category, but I was unsure.

I recently had a talk with someone about two blocks down about bands. I had told him I've been looking for a tube amp to start gigging with, and was curious if he had any for sale. All he had was a little Marshall MG15 or some shit like that, and some kind of BOSS multi-effects processor. He told me it'd be better off for me just to record my own shit, add my own drums, bass, etc. and put it up on Itunes. He recorded everything. He plays drums, bass, and guitar. He has about two CD's that he's put up on Itunes; however, he seems to have attained the impression that most bands nowadays end up in failure due to lack of discipline.

Now, a friend told once told me that it seems like the only way to make money in the music business nowadays is to do a lot of live shows. (Due to the music-stealing issue such as Limewire, Frostwire etc.) So I had my mind set on that until I started taking the other guys suggestion into consideration, although still came back to doing live shows.

So what truly is better nowadays though?? I mean I'm going to gig and shit for fun and experience, but there's so much technology nowadays and shit you can do to make yourself sound amazing on an itunes track.
If you go into music interested in making money - you'll likely make none.
But if you go in not being careful with money you'll get ****ed over by record companies.

What you need is to not care about money and have a good manager who can sort it out for you.

EDIT: as a more direct answer, gigging is probably the best way to get yourself heard - plus it's waaay more fun than spending hours locked in a room on your own trying to tweak out the perfect sound.
The only 6 words that can make you a better guitarist:

Learn theory
Practice better
Practice more
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Both, of course. There's no reason you have to choose between one or the other. Make some of your music available for free, so people can hear it before either going to one of your gigs or purchasing all of your music. If someone is impressed with your gig, they may go and buy your material online, and if they're impressed with your recorded material, they may go to one of your gigs. I don't think you can have just one of those things when you're just starting out, I think they're a bit of a package deal.
Definitely gigging.

I myself am a solo artist, I have an album out, didn't get as much likes at the beginning. However, when I started gigging, things got a little better ( I insist on a little :P ), but still, people heard me more.

Same thing for Sfogli, he wouldn't have been known if he didn t play with James Labree. Now look, he's one of the best guitarists in the world.

So yeah, focus on gigging and crowd interaction.

n.b : Labrie