Kind of take the piss, but I actually do want to use this for a song haha
If you have GP5 you can listen to the song here But bear in mind I haven't extended the intro yet.

It has been the quest of many over the years,
To write a verse so meaningful it'll flood your eyes with tears.
But there is nothing I could write that could truly make you feel,
No empirical metaphor that could make those tears real.
Just as a set level of action can be implied by verbs,
Only a certain amount of love can be expressed in words.

I might as well just give up now ...

So I'll sing about dragons instead!

Sparks flies as my sword collides with its claws,
Shrugged off his hide like a joke.
Blood clogs my throat as it tries to saw
Through the impenetrable wall of smoke.

They say smoking is bad for your health, bit this just takes the piss.

With all my might, I
Hold my breath.
Thy will be done
Upon thy death.

Hold on for dear life my dear calm yourself.
Soon his ghastly head will decorate your shelf
But you can't be the maiden,
For which I do this deed,
You look less like a damsel
And more like my noble steed.

**** this. Tell me why this should be so?
Dragon for a maiden? I'm not ****ing Mario



ARGH *scream*

Burning fires cleanse me,
And the sweat from my effort puts me out.
But for what? Your ugly.
Your supposed to be lovely,
But no.

Did you not see me bearing my standards high as I rode here?
No piece for I do not know fear.

Cauterize my wounds
For my eyes are bleeding.

Keep breathing
Through the smoke
Stand tall.

Keep breathing
Through the smoke.
Stand tall.
Back to the wall.