I been playing for about a year an half an pretty much am stuck to just reading tabs an playin from there.

Can anyone recomend or have had any good experience with online guitar lessons? I would go the traditional route of music lessons but my work schedule doesnt allow that, lol.

Thanks for any info.
Check out this site, seems good.
I would always reccomend getting a guitar teacher though, even if its only twice a month or whatever, as it is helpful to have someone experienced to look at your playing and tell you what needs fixed and what is best to learn.
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The above post is good, but don't stop there. Read every video and see what the common ground is. Vibrato is one of them.
I don't know exactly what your goals are, but guitartricks.com is another site the offers a lot of lesson videos with TAB explanation and a big forum. It does have a subscription fee, but I think it's only $20/month or something, and it does cater to pretty much all genres of guitar players.

Alternatively, if you need a teacher for guidance and to help with practicing schedules and all that, there are ways you can still do that without having to drive clear across town every week. I, for example, offer Skype lessons to students out of my area. You could try searching for a teacher specialized in your playing style that also offers Skype lessons (or other video chat programs). Hope that helps.
Danny L. Small

I could probably teach you some stuff via skype. just message me ur skype name and what you're interested in learning.