Recently I got a offer to trade my Randall RH300+cab and my Boss GT10, with a Peavey Vypyr75\w Sanpera1 pedal, and a Crate V33 tube-amp.

Is there profit for any parts? I was kind of unsure of things when he pulled the GT10 into it, so I gotta turn somewhere and ask.

I must also say that im dead tired of the stack, so i dont really mind seeing it go.

Whats your thoughts about this? Is it worth the trade for me?

Questions are ofcourse welcome
I would do it. Not a fan of the randalls and your getting a descent all tube combo in return. Along with a nicer SS modeling amp. No brainer to me.

Edit: Also consider a few descent mods by a tech will make the tube combo a screamer. It isn't amazing as it.
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Anyway to try the V33 anywhere else? I've never liked the tone from Crate amps, but the Peavey 75 ain't too bad. its really how you'd like the V33.
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Id try to do the randall for the crate if I was going to do the trade. The peavey is going to sound like arse next to the crate. Than sell the boss when you get a decent sale and buy an awesome pedal.