Hello denizens of UG,

Now that classes are over, I finally had a few hours to rub together and record some new tunes. This is an unbelievably rough cut, as the mixing is less than optimal at the moment. I just wanted you fine folks' thoughts about what I should do to this song in order to make it something worthwhile. I'm specifically asking if the song structure works, because I deliberately tried to do something different than the typical "verse-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus" rigamorole.

The song is called "Infatuations" and it's in my profile.


Thanks a bunch in advance, and I'll be delighted to C4C when I can!

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its pretty good, not exactly my style of music, but its def good. obviously recording gear sucks, but that aside. vocals seem kinda "hushed" (unless thats what ur going for?) lyrically its good, harmonies are nice, the dynamics in the song are good and make it very interesting. gets sloppy as the drums enter tho. with a better recording an some tighting up its a great song
The vocal style caught my attention fast as soon as it started. It's unique. I like the lyrics and the vocals. Chords go well too. The beat at around 1:55 could flow smoother into the song, but it does work. I like this. The structure works very well, in my opinion.

Crit for crit?