...do you usually get the guitar that you were trying out on the wall or is it a case of the store should give you a brand new untouched one from storage or so. I was just wondering because my last 2 guitars acoustics have been off the wall guitars whereas my electric was ordered in specially and I was wondering since I'll be buying a much better quality acoustic guitar this time, if this is the case that you usually get it off the wall if you didn't order some specialty model.
if theres a specific model im after ill sometimes ask if they have the same guitar and ill try out a few of the same model and see which i like best (i suggest this especially if its a cheaper guitar as some can be hit or miss
i'd rather buy the actual guitar in the store that i tried. since wood is organic, and is never exactly the same, usually two guitars of the same make/model won't sound exactly the same. i wasn't even planning to buy a blueridge br-341 when i first played the one i bought. i had played around 16 of that make/model in the last 2 1/2 years, and i liked 'em all, but this one just had a little something in the tone that made it the right guitar for me.
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