I know that the Stickied Thread has two, but I was looking for some more, along the pop-country kinda feel. As I'm gonna be jamming with some country-ish people of the summer (more like Taylor Swift and such) so I thought I'd learn a few songs from the genre to get a feel for it....any suggestions?
Taylor Swift isn't country.

Also this should really be asked in the stickied thread, that was the point of the thread.
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Stuart Hamm- Country Music(A Night in Hell)

Good Luck.

Edit: On a more serious note your given example of a pop country band isn't country at all as stated above. If you want to play that stuff then just look for pop songs to learn.

If you want to play country then listen to some Waylon Jennings. He started out playing bass for Buddy Holly and made sure he kept the bass strong when he went off on his own.
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try some Johnny Cash. nobody can deny Walkin that Line.
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Lynyrd Skynyrd will help you with the faster paced, rhythm driven songs. Some good ballads too. The Eagles too.
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Seether - Country Song......lol

In all seriousness tho. Try Heaven by Los Lonely Boys. They have a real country vibe about them
Check out anything and anyone Michael Rhodes has played with. That should keep you occupied for a bit.
I second Skynyrd. Their bassist was very good at brining country fried walks into the mix. Check these out.


You can actually watch him in the last one. He was a big part of that band, but doesn't get enough credit over the legendary singer and threesome.