Hey guys,
I am sure I can find this anywere online but i figured Id start here.
I have a macbook with usb ports or an 8th inch direct input. I just bought an SM 57 wich is obviously an XLR out. So whats the best way to get that mic hooked up to my computer? I know I need some sorta box in between...any suggestions?

Buy an interface. M-Audio, Focusrite & Presonus make some solid interfaces.
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he has the idea but I would recommend buying a nice microphone preamplifier AND an interface. IMO an interface should only be the analog to digital converters and you should rely on an external standalone preamp to supply the levels, but, it all depends on your budget. Professional quality is 24bit 96kHz converters and if they have their own preamps it would be convenient but might not sound as good as a really pisser rackmount preamp.
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