Hey guys,

I was at a band practice and I plugged in my amp and set it up then turned it on to let it warm up. Everything comes on all perty, so I get my guitar and stuff out. When I turn it off standby, not sound comes out at all. The lights on the amp were on, the tubes were glowing, I had the correct cable, and I had plugged it in to the right output on the amp and the cab. Usually, there is a slight hissing, even with my Decimator pedal, but this time there was none. When I played anything there was sound, but it came from the head instead of the cab, but then again I have no idea it that's normal or not. I tried it with the other guitarists cable and guitar but that still did nothing. Anyone have any ideas? I googled the crap out of this too.
Cable connecting the amp to the cab in all the way? Had something similar happen to me, and that was the problem.
****ed ot? ****ed speakers?
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that happened to me too and it was because I had somehow forgotten to plug the head to the cab. If that's not the issue, then either your speaker cable is broken, your speaker(s) are broken, a connection is loose in the cab, or (most unlikely) your output transformer is broken.
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Try checking your V1 tube to see if its cracked, had a similar thing happen to my Mesa and I found that V1 tube was cracked.
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Really, it could be anything. Start by making sure the valves are all seated properly and look ok. If one was cracked like the kitty suggests it will look all milky and just wrong. If it's not that or the cable you're going to have to start chasing voltages and stuff. Judging by your post I guess that means take it to a tech.
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