All right guys so I play a shecter custom 4 bass and my amp is a peavey TNT 115 tour bass amp. I want a punky sound to my tone and everyone says max out the mids and the treble, problem is my amp does not have a treble nob. It has a high nob, a low nob, and an 7 equalizer. I just need to figure out how I can turn my treble up so I can have a bass sound similar to bands like, Continuance, hundredth and counterparts.
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high would be treble
also the higher frequencies of the eq would be the treble


Also check your bass there might be a tone knob that takes out most of the treble that you have turned up.
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I also bought my bass used and cant seem to figure out what each nob on the bass changes, I'm a pretty good bass player my downside it not knowing to much theory and tone and stuff like that.
if your bass is a schecter stiletto custom this will be your control layout.the knob nearest to you is your volume.clockwise from there it should be blend, lo and hi.
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Your TNT does not have a good preamp.

A cheap fix would be a Hartke Bass Attack for about $80.
I got a Digitech BP8 tube preamp off eBay for $25 plus $10

It improves sound and volume on my Basic 40,

Or, get a bigger amp,

I actually turned on my tweeter and the problem was solved by turning up my high