is getting the tele sound in the strat body possible? i have heard that making the neck and bridge pickups wired to play at the same time does not work. and i heard that using tele pickups don't work either. are their any ideas? would doing both of those work? or maybe putting a tele bridge on the strat? im not sure on the details involved in that one hahaha but no give me some ideas i don't like the tele body but i LOVE the tele sound.
A tele sound can only come from a tele. You'll only be disappointed by buying a strat and trying to emulate a tele.

And who gives a shit about looks anyways? I mean, I can understand if it's like Tregan- or DBZ-ugly, but learn from those guys that bought a foreign made BC Rich, buying a guitar for its looks is retarded. The tele shape will probably grow on you anyways, it did for me.
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Strat body + Tele bridge + Tele bridge pickup + pickup baseplate will get you 90% there. Just get a Tele. I was in your situation, and the Tele look seriously grew on me.
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You can come pretty close by using the Tele bridge PU (with the plate) and a lipstick-style neck. Once you set your Gain at 5 o'clock, you'd get that distinctive SC sound where you'd be hard-pressed to differentiate hetween a Tele or Strat. You'd probably recognize the amp more; for example, a Twin Jet vs. a VH4.

It'll probably take you longer to get used to the appearance of the Tele PUs in your Strat than the Tele shape that JagerSlushy mentioned above.

IpponEdit: Agree with bingeandletgo, too. Just get a Tele!

I used to hate all Fenders and thought the Tele was limiting.

Then I built one and it's love.
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there is a seymour duncan strat pickup that offers tele like twang. try one of those in the bridge and neck with complimentary switching?
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Most of the tele tone comes from the bridge configuration and the way the bridge pickup is mounted to it.

My Strat has TBX tone knobs, so it can sound extremely twangy when set to 10.
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