Hey guys, would love you to take a minute to have a listen to this and let me know what you think of it! i recorded it yesterday in the studio, did a video side by side with the vocals and this was the final result after video editing, thought i'd try my hand at the youtube thing, will get some covers done but wanted to show you guys the type of stuff i write, so let me know what you think!


thanks everyone!
Hi, very nice stuff. I love the intro, i guess if you get into the main track it could sound more, louder and big. (just in my opinion) The vocals are great, i liked it. And, maybe more brigth to the piano?
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The piano needs to be brought more to the front and louder. It's a bit too quiet. Great smooth and warm vocal feel. I like the acoustic melody. Lyrics were good. The vocals are well sung, but you should give it a lot more power for a 'climaxy' feel starting at 4:05 to just before the end and finish the vocals off with the smooth and warm feel from the beginning of the track. Excellent song as a whole though. Really great.

Crit for crit?
thanks again for your feedback, really appreciate it and i completely agree with you! Anymore feedback is more than welcome
Sounds good. A few things:

1- You don't have great string sounds so I would have mixed them back and put some verb on them instead of making them a focal point.
2- Mic the acoustic instead of using the pickup.
3- shorten the intro a little
4- add some vocal harmonies
good job!
5- get a new guitar player. the solo is sloppy. too much anticipation and messy slides.

if you want to hear one of mine go here

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Very nice song, loved it. got a download link for it? I love it
Thanks buddy! Really appreciate it, no download link for it nope, not yet anyway. I've got so many songs i'm just recording the best ones at the moment and putting them together on an EP or an Album. I really appreciate all of your comments though.

Etaubs, thanks ever so much for your reply, i really appreciate all your feedback, i will take it all on board. Your recordings and music in general are awesome and i really like it, very impressed with what your achieving from your home studio!