I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but I have been researching a new amp to get for the past two weeks and I think I have found "the one". I started off wanted a Peavey 6505+ for its distortion but heard it's cleans very so-so at best. Then was put onto a few other combo amps which did cleans/distortion 'OK', then I saw a comparison of the Savage vs a Mesa Dual Rect and was blown away, so I'm sold on the ENGL Savage heard. Do they do good cleans though? It's a 4 channel with a 3 band EQ per channel so an EQ pedal won't be necessary but I'm just curious as to how good the cleans can get. I mainly play Metallica, Megadeth, Guns N' Roses, BVMV but I'm not looking to totally emulate their tones, I want to record my own stuff at a later date. Will this amp be versatile enough to cover those tones though?

Also, what would be a good cab to match this? It's a 120W head, so I'm guessing I would need a cab of higher then 120W output? Can this still be played in a bedroom setting? Thanks heaps in advance!!
just thought i would throw this out there, at one point i was looking at the savage, and came accross two amps i liked a lot better, even though they weren't as flexibe, the Diamond Nitrox, and the Splawn Nitro. i bought the Nitro, it really is a killer amp, and has exceeded every expectation in every way. i got the Nitro used for $1300 shipped on the bay, talked the guy down a hundred.
i think engl has decent cleans it just depends what type of sound you want. Do you want a 6L6 sound or a EL84 sound. also most amps in the price range of the engl or 6505 or nitrox are gonna have good or decent clean tones. it is just all preference. I like the clean tones of mesa's over 6505's but most of the time if you buy a 6505 you are buying it for the distortion.

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From what I've heard, the savage has pretty darn good cleans, about on par with the powerball, which is about on par with the Mesa mark V or dual rec
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Savage has very good cleans when you consider how high gain it is, its a very good well thought out and versatile amp.

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