I want to begin to practice my voice daily, about 30 mins a day, what sort of things should i practice?

should i use a piano or guitar to sing along to scales?

is practicing voice like practicing an instrument, or do you go about it it diferently

i read the the sticky, just looking for a little more detail
sorry as you can see it was 1:49 when i asked which is pretty late, i'll give a bit more detail, i'm really looking for advice

I've always been one of those people who thought they could sing, now that i've read the sticky i know that aint so, my ears are playing tricks on me

what i really mean to ask is what exactly do you do when you practice your voice, the sticky didn't sya that did it?

I know scales are important, but what other techniques should i utilize to avoid bad habits, as i have developed some on guitar.

I just want to know how to start properly since the voice is sensitive and i want to preserve it yet strengthen it
Use a tuned instrument to practice scales for sure. Prefereably electric. Even a guitar that is relativly in tune not good enough.

Also breathing exercises. I cannot stress these enough. Also stretch before you sing.
Well when it comes down to the "which instrument should I practice with" it all depends on which instrument you're more comfortable with. It doesn't really matter either way, as long as whatever instrument you use is in tune. Breathing exercises are vital to being a good singer, since singing's foundation comes from your breath. Another good exercise is to listen to a song you like and pick out the vocal melody from it (since the vocal melody usually isn't as complex as the instrumentation). Once you've got the melody you want to be able to sing, play the melody on the guitar, then once you know it on the guitar, sing it while you're playing it, then once you've done that a few times, stop playing it and just sing it by yourself. It's sorta like riding a bike with training wheels. The guitar or piano, whatever you play, is there you keep you in line while you sing until muscle memory takes effect and you start to be able to feel how certain intervals sound and such. Hope this helped, good luck.

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You have to begin by doing breathing exercises and then tuning your voice to a musical instrument. Then, you warm up by doing some nonsense lyrics.

That's what I would do.

You can do all the breathing exercises and scales in the world, but if you don't know how to produce your voice correctly, you're just practicing bad habits.

Learn some technique, and practice elements of that technique *using* the breathing and scale exercises.

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