I read the sticky, but I just wanted more info on this.


After 6:20, Yoshiaki plays the solo using "high-speed" strumming (he does it slower just before). What are way what I can improve myself and be able to do high-speed strumming? When I try it, I end up strumming a few times and then start missing the strings like crazy.

Does anyone have any other tips besides starting at a slower tempo? Thanks!
like you said slower tempo, and just practice. oh and a side note about that, only count perfect repetitions, and stop when you mess up, and play something else real quick to reset your muscle memory

thats pretty much all you can do. good luck!!!
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it looks like hes just strumming fast

and you just have to practice it(starting at a lsower tempo) and eventually youll get it theres no real secret to getting it
Is that supposed to sound good? Not really my style, but whatever.

Are you using a thick plectrum TS? I imagine he isnt, itll be easier to glide across the strings with a thin pick. But yeah thats just gonna come down to practice Im afraid, starting slow and building up. Its essentially just strumming real fast so its shouldn't be too hard. Try to keep your arm and wrist as relaxed as you can (although I dont use that technique myself so my advice could be wrong here, doubt it though) and try to find the most efficient and comfortable arm position. For playing like that I dont really know weather Id use my arm or my wrist primarily (probably my arm) so just experiment and see what works best for you.
Looks like its gong to be a bit of work to get that motion up to that speed while staying relatively clean (he is scratching a bunch of muted strings so it doesnt have to be too clean) and rhythmically consistent so good luck.
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