I really like it. The only thing I could mention is that the intro seems to be a tad bit too long for my taste. (Guess adding another thing could easily fix that... like vocals haha ^^) Maybe the guitar could sound a bit heavier. But I basically like it as is.
†h¥ ÅbØmInÅb£€ §Øu£§ §HÅ£† iN¢In€®Å†€ In h€ÅV€N, wHi£€ pÅnD€MØNiUm'§ VØ£i†iØn §HÅ£† g®ÅN† u§ PØW€®!
Thanks bro, I will critique yours after my class. Astute ear though; I haven't added vocals yet, although lyrics have been written.
sounds good considering u mixed it in garage band. drums are too quiet but i think u meant to do that to show off the riff. dig the lead guitar a lot sounds epic. lke ultimaweapon said though intro is too long