Poll: How closely will you follow the parenting style of your parents?
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View poll results: How closely will you follow the parenting style of your parents?
I will parent pretty much the way they did, with only a few minor differences (if any).
45 33%
About 50/50 same/different parenting style.
27 20%
I will use only some of their parenting ideas/style, but most of it will be different.
35 25%
I completely disagree with their parenting style and will be completely different with my children.
11 8%
I'm not having children.
20 14%
Voters: 138.
Title explains it: How closely do you feel that your parenting style with your own children is/will be like the parenting style your own parents used?
I'll parent like mine say they do.

Which is stay our of their childs social life, and no push them into things they don't want to do.

But that doesn't happen. My mum has everyone of my friends she knows added on facebook to keep a bit of an eye on me I reckon. And they both are trying to force me into Uni, even though i was planning on going myself under my own steam.
-Opening my child to a bunch of different sports, music, games, and activities
-Not getting mad about finding condoms in my room
-Letting me stay out after curfew when i was under 17 (or 16 i cant remember the age)
-Helping with homework when needed, and guitar/piano (when i make them play it lol)

-Licenses at age 16
-To be more cleanly (i for one am not the best at that)

probably more but that is a start even though im not even close to being a parent

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I'm fairly sure that even if you didn't plan to, you would end up acting like your parents because it is all you know of raising children

I don't want any but if I somehow ended up looking after a kid I would be the same as my mum, because her parenting is my only frame of reference, and she seems to have done an alright job
There are something you won't be able to help do the same, but remember parenting is a two-person act. You will have to compromise certain ways you'd like to do things for the way your partner wants to, and of course what is best for the child.

I'd personally not do much the same, because whilst I turned out pretty awesome, I think that if my mother had been more pushy with making me do work when I was younger, I'd have achieved much more. I agreed with her not pushing me into things like clubs that I wouldn't have wanted to do (e.g. some friends got pushed into scouts when they were kids and sports they didnt enjoy as they got older), but I think a child does need more encouragement to do extra-curricular activities that I had.
allowing them to PARTY HARD once they're about 16 or 17
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Yes. My parents are awesome, I pretty much agree with everything they've done in terms of parenting.


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I imagine i'll probably parent like my parents did.

The only thing I'll do different is force them into swimming lessons (I can't swim, I wasn't forced to do anything I didn't like).

And if I have more than one, I'll try my hardest to treat them the same. My parents didn't treat me and my sister the same. I think I had an easier time with them because I am smarter and never gave them too much trouble. My sister always seemed to butt heads with my parents and they seemed to always hold her to my standards (I am older).

But I know they loved us both and wanted us to do well in life.
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I'm fairly sure that even if you didn't plan to, you would end up acting like your parents because it is all you know of raising children

Well thats depressing.. So I'll end up beating the living crap out of my children for no reason, mentally abuse them and humiliate them infront of friends and family, like my dad does to me :S

Nah... Id never do that... But if my daughter is hot... I might get in there first >_>

Incest is the best, put your daughter to the test <_<
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Not doing anything with my kid and hardly talking to it? Nah, I won't. But they're nice, though. Help me out and stuff, financially especially.
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No I wouldn't parent exactly like my parents did. Sure, I turned out somewhat okay but there are many negative traits I have because of their parenting. And besides I will make sure my children have all the options of going anywhere they want then letting them do as they please. I feel like I live in a world like in 1984 and I'll try my very best to not do that to my children.
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I have Chinese parents but they're not at all as typical as many make it out to be. My parents have good morals and standards. Their kids only know how to work hard and never stop. It's too bad that they've never become close to their children to the fact that we've all had to bring ourselves up whilst our parents were at work over 20 hours a day. We were never once told what to do, when to do our homework or when we were bad. It was just something we were taught by observing other people - the only thing we knew was to work hard - I thank my parents for setting a great example by being away most of the time because we all knew they were away to work in order to earn money for us to survive.

I'm almost 23, my eldest sister is 30 something. We've never been close as a family - we make our own food to eat, we never tell each other of our problems. My parents know absolutely nothing of our personal lives and never help us with any problems. It's a pride thing, they weren't there when we were younger (not blaming them one bt) but we just grew up to deal with the problems ourselves. The thought of going to our parents when we need help is really strange in fact - definitely not my first calling point.

We've grown up a lot through the years. Throughout my teenage years, I spent the majority guiding my parents through what to do and how to do things. They have never told me what to do because it seems like they have so much trust in me that I find it really hard to deal with sometimes. The children in our family are the parents - we parent our own parents which is somehow odd but I can't really explain it.

My kids will have my full attention. I will offer unsolicited advice all the time. If I'm not there, I'll make it known that they still have me.
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Sometimes I just think how my parents made me turn out the way I am, and I'm quite happy the way I am. I will try my best to parent like my parents, even though most of their techniques are irrational, it seemed to help.
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Well thats depressing.. So I'll end up beating the living crap out of my children for no reason, mentally abuse them and humiliate them infront of friends and family, like my dad does to me :S

Nah... Id never do that... But if my daughter is hot... I might get in there first >_>

Incest is the best, put your daughter to the test <_<

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no way, I mean I think I turned out okay but my parents never pay attention to me except for things like "WHY ARE YOU LATE YOU SAID YOU'D BE HOME AT 11 NOW IT'S 11:05 DID YOU GET LOST ARE YOU IN A SKETCHY AREA WHO ARE YOU WITH WHY DIDN'T YOU ANSWER YOUR PHONE HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU HAVE ARE YOU DRUNK WHY AREN'T YOU HOME YET ETC ETC ETC" but apart from that they forget about me a lot.

They are great people but my dad is a lot more of a friend than a parent and me and my mom are too dissimilar to get along.

and they are hypocritical about some things, such as saying that I can do whatever I want with my life and then guilt tripping/pressuring me into doing what they want.

But I like how they encouraged me to read instead of have a social life when I was little. Books are better friends for me.
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For the most part I think I will, except I will try to NOT GET DIVORCED TO MY WIFE. Thats a big thing, and then because of that my mom became overprotective of me and siblings, which affected my life pretty negatively throughout school.

Main thing for me is to not knock up someone who I dont want to spend the rest of my life with. And actually stay with that person.
Don't expect to be having children.

If I somehow did, I'd parent like my dad.
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Badass song... I hope you were makin a Tool reference, if not..............

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However much I love them both, my mum was far too neurotic and overbearing (but not as much as some others). I mean, she let us drink and smoke and stuff, but she just worries far too much, about a lot of things really.

My dad is just like a mate really. Chilled and just let's us get on with it. Which I will be like. Though the world can be dangerous, it's definitely not as much as my mum makes it out to be (she doesn't know half the stuff me and my mates got up to, and I grew up OK).

I think her overbearing nature was one of the reasons my sister turned pretty heavily to drugs - she rebelled against the restrictions put upon her.

When I am a parent, I will educate, but I won't dictate. Like with my 11 year old sister now. I tell her I know she knows swear words and she can do what she likes, but I explained only those with little brain power and a lack of a vocabulary swear (not true, but you know...), and she doesn't swear (within earshot anyway )

Basically, I will be a big hippy liberal parent in pursuit of a lack of responsibility.
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Fuck no.

My brother has been drinking and has been addicted to drugs since he was 15.

I'm 19 and don't have a licence.

My brother can never take no for an answer, and is a total c
unt to everyone he meets, and as a result has been punched out and has run away from home on several occasions.

Apart from having a different stance on the drugs and alchohol thing, I'll probably be similar. They raised me alright, but that's because I personally never had an interest in drugs. I'll definitely make my kids get a licence and a job as soon as possible, and let them worry about hobbies later. Once they're on track they've got my full support.

I'll show them a few sports (and keep them away from others) and let them try different hobbies. I'll definitely push them with their schooling, but not to breaking point. I know from my own experience that there's a point where you will not do anymore study.
3-4 years ago I would have said oh hell naw. But actually my parents are pretty awesome. They're just the right amount of laid back and they're helpful if I need help. My only major criticism is that they never really taught me how to adapt to society. What I mean is that I went to primary school with chav children, and I only really started figuring out how to get on with them without becoming one towards the end. And then I went to high school with posh kids and it took me ages to figure it out with them too. I could have done with my dad telling me straight not to take anyone too seriously and that not many people think about what they say, do or believe.
However, I don't think the laid back approach would work for all kids, and my parenting approach will depend on my children. What I mean is that I was a smart kid that didn't like being told what to do, so I figured out that doing certain things would be stupid but if my parents had made a huge point of something being 'wrong' then I probably would have done it (in some ways I am/was also very stupid). I presume my future children will be somewhat like me but it also depends on their mother so we'll see.

Also: all of you guys saying nasty things about your stalker parents are getting the shit kicked out of you tonight
If I have kids, definitely not. My parents are dead to me TBH. I have a hard time saying I even have parents, I certainly wasn't raised by them, I was raised rather by the video games they sat me in front of.
Depends on if my child is a piece of shit or not. There's no one all-encompassing parenting style that's going to guarantee good results.
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Also, I read the threadtitle as "Would your parents like your parents?" and was very confused for a minute.
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Hell yes. My parents did one hell of a job with me, even though they both had parents who were either very absent-minded, or very religiously binding on them. I got a lot of personal freedom, but they also kept me in line when it was needed. I love them. <3
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Pfftt, my kids WISH they had my parents.

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Things I'll do the same/similarly:
- Read to/with them almost every night until they are old enough to comprehend novels on their own.
- Put academics as priority Number 1.
- Let them try any sport they want (within reason).
- Encourage any musical interests they have.
- Teach sex as a wonderful, natural thing that is part of healthy relationships.
- Let them play video games (even ones that are supposedly out of their age range.)

Things I'll do differently:
- Not make the world seem like a terrifying, and horrible place.
- Won't teach them to be germophobes.
- Take them to concerts starting at a young age.
- I won't send them to religious school or a specific church.
- I'll be cool with them having safe sex when they're older teens.
- I'll let them cuss as they get older.
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I'm going with mostly different, but with some of the same principals.

One, don't be an idiot.
Two, I know you're going to get into shit, I'll get you out of it, but you owe me.
Three, don't be an idiot.
Four, you are going to learn an instrument and you are going to like it.
Five, school is important.
Six, being social is important too.
Seven, don't be an idiot.
Eight, if you're my son, you won't catch shit from me for girls. You'll probably get a highfive. Unless she's a fatty or a bitch.
Nine, don't be an idiot.

One, three, five, seven and nine are from my parents. Two is also kind of. They're all really in the spirit of my dad though - too bad he doesn't make the rules.
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For the most part, I'll parent like them. Except I'm gonna fuck with my child's mind very often.

"Hey dad, how did the dinosaurs go extinct?"
"Ahhhh, here comes a good story, son. So many years ago, when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, why I was just about 16 years old or so. Dinosaurs and humans went to school together, and one of them thought he was all big and tough. He would always pick on your mom. After a while, I couldn't stand it anymore. I challenged him to a wrestling a match. He accepted, and so it was. We were to meet in the gym at 5:00 after school. Boy what a match. If only you were there. I beat that dinosaur down so hard it scared all the other dinosaurs. When the news spread over the world, the dinosaurs became filled with fear. They proceeded to construct a space shuttle to live on the moon. Little did they know that aliens eat dinosaurs..."