This is included in my clearout thread but thought I'd give it it's own one as well.

Owned for 2 years, best amp head I've played through, admittedly not played all but quite a lot. Crystal cleans right through to super hi gain. Preferred it in every way to the dual rec it replaced but looking for something a lot smaller now.

retails between £1900-£2400 but I'm realistic about the amp market for these at present so will sell for £850 or trade for a nice combo or guitar with cash either way an option if needed.

Amp is in Glasgow and ideally looking for collection as it is a beast but could ship at buyers risk if needed. Demo etc available on request if you're in the area. There's a couple of small scuffs on the tolex but generally excellent, 9/10 condition.

Long shot, but 2003 Ibanez Prestige 1570z? All stock.
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Thanks for the offer but not into flloyds so the ibanez is out sorry.

I'd consider the peavey as part trade but it's unlikely to be a keeper so I'd be looking for £500 with it?

otherwise bump
another bump, may consider a vetta ii or flextone with floorboard and cash if no guitars or valve combos around.
BUMP, picked up a blackstar combo so ideally looking for non pointy guitars or cash, really could do with this moving so try your luck and who knows.
BUMP, will take £700 for cash, practically giving it away! else still open to trades/part trades

seriously £700 cash collected and no one interested, that is crazy cheap IMO!

still consider swaps looking for a hd500, maybe a variax or something guitary but non pointy
SERIOUSLY cannot understand how this hasn't gone! Shame I have nowhere near enough and I just got myself a Laney VH100r, cause this is a f*cking steal! Hope you get it sold soon mate!
Cheers man, I'm a bit like that myself, can only assume not enough people are familier with them as they are amazing amps and I'm only looking for about a third of the new price. Will just keep trying I guess.

anyway still available £700 for else will trade for a good guitar, a blackstar ht20 or a line 6 dt50 combo with cash adjustments either way as required.
can't believe I'm doing this but moving soon for work so need this gone, £700 shipped of £650 collected
£600 collected....c'mon surely someone wants a high end USA made 3 channel valve amp head at 25% of the retail price