Hey guys not posted in here for ages.

I have a few questions:

I have an old 10watt transistor amp lying around and I would like to start messing around with it:

1) What basics do I need to know
2) What simple (yet effective) mods can I do to it

Thanks for any links/help


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Speaker swaps are always easy to do, provided you know what size of speakers you have and what sound you're after.
Other than that I wouldn't reccommend messing with transistor amps too much, but then again I have ZERO experience with them.

Something you need to know is that on certain amps (mostly tube amps) the capacitors can store a charge long after you unplug the amp.
Also, you'd need schematics of the inside of your amp - in different amplifiers, different capacitors, transistors and other components do different things to the amp's sound.
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