Hey yall,

So... i had a spring-cleaning freakout this past weekend, and went down to the local used place and got rid of a BUNCH of stuff. I needed some $, but i had plenty leftover to get more stuff i needed... 3 sets of strings, a headphone amp... and a Jazz Bass!

Now, it's been a few years, and before, i wasn't into the Jazz Bass sound... but as my playing styles wax and wane, i've been lusting after one for a while.

So, the one i got is a 90's MiM that's been moded with a BadAss II bridge (worth a good chunck of the asking price alone). However it was the FEEL that made me snatch it up... and it's pretty... sunburst, black guard, rosewood board... mmm schmexy!

However... the pickups are kinda 'meh'. They sound okay enough, but they're just VERY quiet.

So, does anyone know of any decent pickups that i could replace? Or, is there any wiring or volume pot voodoo i can cast to make the output hotter?

If i do a pickup swap i'd like something that meets these criteria:
-more 60's sounding jazz than 70's
-under $100
-direct replacements

Thanks... i'll do a NBD pic later!
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Under $100 might be a bit hard. I've got Fender SCNs in one of my Jazzes and they sound great though I wouldn't really say 60's, they set me back $105 US for the set. It might be worth shelling out the extra $26 for the Fender CS 60's set or the extra $20 for Sadowsky Jazz set. There's always Seymour Duncans Antiquity but I have a feeling they go for a bit more.

EDIT: The Fender CS 60's seem to go for $115 on eBay. Linkies. IMO Fender's higher end pickups don't get the attention they deserve.

EDIT2: Look under the pickguard, a lot of 90's MIMs have a bit of a soapbar route in the neck position going on, could make for some interesting combos if you don't mind resizing the pickguard a bit.
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Hmm on my jazz bass i got some old american pickups and put them in there and they have a really hot output and sound great but this soesnt help you so much.

I personnally really like nordstrands and bartaloni's(spelling ive forgotten). But both os those would come out over 100.
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Well... i found the probable culprit...

The previous owner tried to muscle in a bridge pup in the neck position. The pole positions don't line up... this makes me kinda question the wiring in general, haha.

So, i think i'll just buy a neck pup (yay, cheaper!), because now i suppose i have two options for the neck

Thanks guys!
"Punk Rock should mean freedom, liking and accepting anything that you like, as sloppy as you want, as long as it's good and has passion."
Seymour duncan basslines sjb-3 neck and bridge set, they sell for $65-75 per pickup
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It's definitely worth looking at custom pickup builders when it comes to getting a specific vintage tone.
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Well gang...

Sometimes it completely confounds me as to WHY previous owners of basses i buy do what they do to them...

In this case, the previous owner switched the neck and bridge pickups completely and then did a crap-tastic job re-soldering them. On top of that, because the bridge pup was wedged under the pickguard, so it couldn't even be raised....

Swapped them, re-soldered, LOVE my new Jazz bass.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
"Punk Rock should mean freedom, liking and accepting anything that you like, as sloppy as you want, as long as it's good and has passion."