I just found out about this song but I have no idea how to make tabs and I'm probably 2 inexperienced to hear what notes are played. So I ask you all for help!

As described on the site; Understated and delicate acoustic guitar ballad. Very mellow and pretty. Pastoral and relaxing like a warm, gentle sea breeze.

The song cant be found on youtube but I do have another link where the full song can be heard.

Search in the music player on the left side for 'The bay'
Note: The songs are listed another way sometimes...You'll have to scroll the pages from 1 to 5 and you'll find it

I really hope anyone is just as interested in the song and wants to take the time to make tabs for it!

Thanks in advance,
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ah its the song from the movie! MILF right? love it! its beautiful been looking for it but couldnt find it so thnx for the link man

would be cool to play the song myself so ill wait for someone to help motu25