Okay, I just bought a miniature Acoustic guitar. It's from a crap brand, and was super cheap- and I wanted it just to experiment and such but- I've got a bit of a problem~

This guitar has 12 frets, and is impossible to tune. D:

I've tuned it to standard, and it just doesn't sound right~

I've even tried replacing the top and bottom 'E' strings with 'A's (like, Guitarlele tuning) and it still sounds terrible~ D:

I'll turn it to the fith fret, and chords don't work. . .I feel like the guitar is missing a fret.

I just need help, I've gotten it in turn with standard form, yet chords just don't fit. . .
you can try tuning it from A to A like a papoose, but chances are part of the "not sounding right" is poor intonation, and the rest - well, really cheap guitars don't sound good no matter what you do. i bought a fake martin backpacker that had all sorts of issues. it was just too horrible to play.
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