I have uploaded a song I made called "Observadores" that is in my profile.
I would love to hear what you have to say about it, and help me figure which kind of drums should I add? Im lost there...

Well, looking forward to be getting some feedback!
Hey man

Your first track:

I liked it.

Are you using a computer mic to record both the guitar and vocals? There is a noticeable volume drop in the guitar when the vocals come in.

I would suggest checking out Audacity, it is a free program

Audacity - Free Audio Editor

You can learn to adjust the volumes of your vocals and guitar by themself and do some basic mixing without having to spend a dime, and it will work wonders for your song

How do you plan on getting some drums going?

You could ask around here, I know there are people on here like Cactuar123 who would help you out with some live drum samples.

One thing though, are you playing to a metronome?

Most people cannot really stay in perfect time (myself included) if they don't have something to play along with like a metronome or click track. And that is gonna be a requirement if you want someone to lay some drums down on your track.

Overall, I liked the song and the vocals, I think they just need to be polished and with some drums you will have some great metal.

Second Song:

I think the vocals didn't quite match the feel of this particular song. The song was really grungy and sludgey (in a good way, like stoner metal) but your vocals were to clean.

Maybe try for a rougher sound on the vocals of some sort? That would be killer with that song.