I'm a novice/intermediate guitar player. I have a iMac with Logic Studio and a Line 6 UX2. I'll probably never be more than a home guitarist for my own amusement. I do understand that independent pedals sound better but I don't do this for a living.

My question is since I already own Logic and Mainstage 2, would I be better buying an FCB1010 or an RC-2 / RC-3 for a loop station?

I'm looking for something to make some backing tracks as I play. Not sure how hard that would be with Mainstage?

Thanks for the advice,
I took a quick look at Mainstage and it sounds like the FCB will give you a lot of functionality along with looper capability. If you are using your computer for an FX box then it might be difficult to integrate an RC pedal into your audio chain.
Why would you need the loop station if you're playing through a computer? Just record what you want and hit play to jam along... Doesn't Mainstage have built in loops?

I'd say the FCB is more useful if you're tying to play live with the computer (which I wouldn't recommend for reliability, but that's beyond the point).

The biggest upgrade you could make would be buying some modeling packs for POD Farm
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