hey guys. My gear is in my signature. Im looking for a delay tone SIMILAR to the edges on where the streets have no name. My band is talking about covering it and i can get a close tone with my SG but i have no clue what the settings for the delay should be. I know he has a giant rack set up so i wont get the exact tone. But any suggestions on how i can get close enough for live use? The amp has a built in delay and a slap back echo. If not, any cheap (under $100) that maybe i could get eventually? Thanks guys!
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i know how to use the delay. Im just asking if it is possible to get the delay tone with the amps built in delay. If not, what pedal could get it?
Play around with the feedback and level controls and use the tap tempo button to set it to the correct tempo of the song, that's pretty much it. I found one clip on youtube that might be the one you're talking about, he's pretty much just playing to the rhythm of the delay. Might be some reverb in there too.
ah. Kk. Had a stupid moment and didnt try the tap tempo *rolls eyes* ill try it when i get home. Any other suggestions for more specific settings?
maybe ask in teh Vypyr thread

I think I used Slapback for this clip - maybe try that with a longer delay.

Not sure how a delay pedal would sound up front but I could try it. I have a Carbon Copy delay pedal.
ok. Ill try it out. I would ask in the vypyr thread but seems like most my questions get ignored haha
^ yeah that thread used to be real active

FWIW - I just tried my MXR Carbon Copy delay in front of the Vypyr 60 on the Twin setting with no effects. Honestly - it sounded a lot better than I expected. The repeats were real clear even if separated quite a bit. I wouldn't hesitate recommending this set up for a live gig but obviously you would need to try for yourself. My standards in this area may be kinda low plus I don't gig.

My concern would be whether the amp has enough volume on its own. It is not as loud as other 60 watt amps I've played and it is certainly not louder than my 50w Quick Rod. If you will be mic'ing your amp all the time - it may work real well.

if you want me to try to record something doing this I can