Okay so after years of play strats and teles through fender tube amps (an old ultra chorus a super reverb a twin both black and silver and a vibroverb and more recently a blues jr) no they weren't all mine just the silver twin my dad friends and brothers have all used them pretty much exclusively so it rubbed off on me. But recently I moved to a smaller apartment and purchased a used tech 21 solid state trademRk 30. The thing is friggin amazing IMHO. I want to know your opinions on tech 21 SS amps cause I couldn't be more thrilled and I won't be evicted AGAIN!
He best part... 90 bucks at my local music shop she's worth every penny i can play in my living room at like 3 am and my room mate doesn't even wake up
i was gonna make a sarky joke about solid state definitely existing

But those tech 21s are meant to be pretty good. Haven't tried them though
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Just wanted your opinions on these amps any experiences with durability or modding. Any opinions on their higher end amps Ive never heard or played another tech 21. Thanks!