A few weeks ago i posted a Fender Acoustic/Electric on craiglist to trade for a guitar with a floyd rose i pretty much thought i was done playen guitar a year or so ago and got a acoustic for them times people came over and wanted to hear some playing done. wel i put it on craigslist seeing how i have a old old acoustic with a beautiful sound my step dads wife bought it new for him wow id say 40 or so years ago. anyways a guy who had a N2 washburn answered it and came out i traded on the spot. N2 Nuno washburn when i seen it i new it was one of a kind. most N2's has 1 knob and a pick up switch by the neck this has 2 knobs and the pick up switch on by the floyde rose and NUNO wrote on the body i took it to my guitar place Mundt music they traded straight up for a ibanez RG350M, got it home had to adjust it all to how i play the action and such. i dont like the trem bar to loose well for 1 i forgot to get a guitar stand and i usually tighten them up so it dont put presure on them when i set them down treme pushing agains the ground if the guitar place wasnt almost 2 hour away i would just go back and get a guitar stand. anyways i unscrewed that dang bar for ever till i noticed it wasnt unscrewing the thing just pops out! is every ones like that? no screwing just pop in pop out. its just odd to me. i've owned alot of guitars in my days. none just pop in and out like this one does. just wanted to no if this is wright? many thanks
some of the ibanez ones are pop-in, pop-out. Not sure if the edge III is like that or not, but if it is, i wouldn't be terribly surprised.
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All Ibanez Edge trems do this, the only ones that don't IIRC are the LO-TRS and LO-TRS II (Original Floyd Rose type) and the ZR trems (like on the S series)

all other Ibanez trems, the Edge, Edge Pro, Lo-Pro Edge, Edge 7, Lo-pro Edge 7, Edge Pro 7, Edge pro II, Edge III and Edge Zero all have pop out arms.
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the bar on my original floyd just pops in an out, well you have to twist a metal ring around it to tighten it but the bar itself just pushes into place and puls out again so its probably fine
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I have to say that I struggled to read your wall of text as the punctuation was poor. But yes, your RG350M's Edge III trem bar will just pop in
I no im so sorry my punctuation is poor. ill try and re read what i type next time and make sure its readable and understandable. Im a poor writer!! i did do research on this they say theres a screw you can tighten on it so it cant just slide in and out. but i ended up buying skull voume and tone knobs it fits perfection on the tone knob so it dont sit on the floor. i just dont want the treme to sit on the floor and cause pressure on the treme. im odd like that. if i only had a brain when i was at the music store i woulda got a stand. anyways many thanks
I think I made a mistake getting this guitar they had a LTD there for 299.00 i wonder if i can sell this for $300.00 or close to it so i can get that instead. i see people selling these all the time for 300 or so. and from the upgrades i did to it makes it one of a kind so far. hmmm