this question may seem very basic but I cannot seem to find the answer online. I know I want to minimize all tension in the body as much as possible, but where should the tension needed to push down frets coming from? should the finger tendons be pushing down the frets or does it come more from the wrist or palm?

It's hard to make myself clear but I'm just curious as to how a perfectly fretted chord or note should feel in my left hand.
The power to fret notes should be coming from the fingers, it's hard at first and it takes some getting used to but if you want good finger independence and efficient technique, that's where you should be focusing.

Don't worry about it so much at the beginning (if you are a beginner of course), it takes a while to get that technique and strength down, especially if you're just coming to grips with the guitar as an instrument.
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Thanks. I'm actually more of an intermediate and am trying to really tighten up the technique so I can get to the next level. When I'd been focusing on what feels best and easiest it seems like the tendons in the wrist were controlling the fingers and their independence. So thanks, I'll keep this in mind.