I'd like to welcome you all, and especially those who are willing in taking the time to be exploited from the human vessel, and go beyond the path of divinity.

Let us start with a rather funny one.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peRiT7-O5Jg&feature=channel_video_title

This is a taste of Hélvêtë, my expression of Erotica in different forms, this marks the Gemini album, the first album. If it means to you then let thou be sacrificed to the Grishjärta, if not then you mustn't worry, I'm sure you will find a better place among the lambs of hypocrisy in a not-so law-abiding world.

Embrace the individual, and help conquer the collective mind!

Gemini follows as 11 tracks of emptiness

1-Chapel of Venus
3-Mother Rain
4-Polaris 6
5-The Abyss
7-For You
9-Wisdom's Labyrinth
10-What We Never Were After All

Jesus, that was awful.
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