Hey man. I liked the tune, very anthemic in a lot of ways. I especially liked the harmonies presented throughout the song, they were pleasant without being too ordinary. Guitar solo was good, just the kind that the song needed, phrasing was very good. Also, I liked the production quality; had a very warm, almost live feel to it.

You can critique my tune here.
thoroughly enjoyed listening!! thank you for sharing

i love the melodies in the verse and the build up to the chorus, those bits stand out particularly for me - and production overall was super
you sound pretty tight as a band and know what you're doing but seeing as you asked for crit i'll say one thing - i was hoping for some more juicy and melodic chords in the chorus instead of what sounds like just power chords. its not a huge downer and probably just a matter of opinion but something to bear in mind

keep it up fellas!!

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