Hey guys!

I recently just got a used Washburn MG-70 to replace my old mg-70 that broke, and well I have to say I'm pretty satisfied with it, other than the fact that when I do I divebomb all the way down, the edge of the floyd gets caught on the pickguard and "jumps" or "pops" past the guard, making it really hard to do dives.

Any solutions, other than raising the floyd? The action is perfect and everything, I was thinking about just trimming the pickguard a little..

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Hmm I looked up some pictures and I think I see what you mean
Maybe your guitar is like this

But I found one like this

Looks like the second pickguard gives it a lot more room, if it's giving you trouble go ahead and cut it like that.

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Agreed, obvious fix is to trim off the offending edge or look at a newpickguard (could be the same problem though).
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