I'm replacing the strings on my new Breedlove D200. It is my first acoustic and the bridge is weird in that it doesn't have string pins; the strings just go directly through the bridge. I bought some Martin Lifespan .013-.056" strings and I had some trouble fitting the low-E string through, but I got it. I wound it (that string alone so far) and it sounds fine, but I'm getting the impression that there is TOO MUCH tension pulling on the bridge. Should I get lighter strings or am I mistaken, and the bridge will be fine with 13s?

Thank you.
I think Breedloves come with lighter strings. you might wanna back the gauge down a little. My Breedlove feels like it has a lot of tension, but its a 12 string that's just kinda how they play. feel kinda tight, but nice an quick action wise.
As long as your guitar does not have scallopped bracing, it should be fine with mediums. The Breedlove through-bridges are just as strong as any other bridge.
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All acoustics come with lighter strings, and most of them sound better with heavier ones. Email the folks from Breedlove and ask if their bridges were designed to handle 13's.
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The Breedlove website has a string gauge guide under 'Resources'. They specify Passport models leaving the shop with:

D’Addario EXP16
Phosphor-Bronze, Coated, Light Gauge
.012, .016, .024, .032,.042, .053"


oops, just realized you asked if the 13's would work, nvm
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