Alright, so a physics project in school requires me to make a musical instrument out of household items, that is capable of at least 7 different pitches, and must not contain any parts from a real instrument.

So, being the kind of person that I am, I plan on doing something kind of unique (at least in terms of this kind of project, most people will probably just get a tissue box and some elastic bands). I plan on making an electric guitar out of nothing but household items (guitar strings are allowed though). I plan on making everything, including the pickups. Keep in mind this is not gonna be a real guitar, and I'm not expecting it to sound great, just well enough to play it's notes.

I did a lot of research so far, and discovered that pickups are essentially only a magnet wrapped around with copper coil. Many things that we use are built the same way, such as speakers, headphones, earbuds, electric motors, etc. This means there is an abundance of copper wires, many of which are already coiled, and magnets.

Luckily I found a speaker cabinet that someone abandoned under a bridge, and I savaged it for the magnets and coil, and now I have a perfect copper coil plus a magnet that fits in it.

Who here thinks it will work? I'll try my best to post pictures and of my project, if it even works (plan b is to get a tissue box and string some elastic bands over the hole).

Here's some links that I found:



I know not reliable sites, but it's the most useful I have found so far.
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EDIT: Yeah thats pretty much it with passive pickups. Go ahead.
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I'm planning on making it at least 3 strings though so I can play chords too. We actually have to also play a little song with our "instruments", and for my group I'm going to be playing the rhythm.

Does anyone have any ideas for tuners?
Check out some of the shit made by seasick Steve... He used something obscure for tuners... Can't remember for the life of me what though...

A little google search should clear it up?
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Screws or hooks would work well.
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