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Does adjusting the truss rod every 20-25 days damage the neck? I change the tuning a lot that's why I have to adjust the rod every few days
Depends how much you adjust it by. You could tweak it 1/16th of a turn every single day for ten years and do no damage. Or you could not touch the truss rod at all for ten years then one day give it eight full turns at once and split the neck in half. There's no harm in adjusting the truss rod often, there is harm in adjusting it too quickly and too much at once, or incorrectly with too much string tension or by using too much force with the wrong kind of allen key, that kind of thing.
Thanks bro, I turn 1/4 to 1/8 turns everytime to change the tuning from standard to drop D and vice versa.. but now the rod is completely turned to clockwise I cant turn it anymore to clockwise direction, the guitar(synyster custom) is in standard tuning.. I'm worried.
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You should be... take it to a tech to see how badly the neck is bowed (bent inward or outward in the middle). Also as far as I know there's no real need to mess with the truss rod if all you're doing is going between standard and drop D.
I'll take it to guitar tech, dunno whether my guitar can be saved or not..
I had to adjust truss rod because the action used to become too high when switching from drop D to standard E.

And thanks a lot grohl1987 and Helicopters! for your response.. i really appreciate it.
There's definitely something up if your action changes from dropping one string! That shouldn't need a truss rod adjustment.
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I change to drop tunings on my guitars all the time too. I adjusted the truss rods once... about 9 years ago.
Trust me, I've messed with the truss rods on my guitars so much, it actually scares me now that I know I could've split a few necks. I wouldn't over do it, but these things are made to move
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Dropping one string should not require neck adjustment. My guess is that you either have the action on the six string too low for drop D and you just need to bring it up a touch.
Take it to a good tech for a full setup to make sure you've done no damage then stop messing with the truss rod.
Would you say the issue with your guitar looks quite... sinister?

OT: I would take it to a tech.