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Fleet Foxes: Let's face it, you're probably a big pussy if you listen to this band. SNOOZEFEST

Arcade Fire: OMG THEY USE ACCORDIONS AND MELODICAS AND SHIT, SOOOO INDIE! I haven't enjoyed a single song these guys have released since neighborhood number 2 (which I actually thought was pretty cool) and the fact that they won a grammy is pretty much proof that they're a joke.

The Magnetic Fields: I want to punch the singer in the face, or kick him in the balls until his annoying ass low grumbly voice shoots up an octave. I mean, 69 love songs? Really? That just screams homosexual.

Kings of Convenience: I feel like I should be sitting at the top of a Norwegian castle smoking pipe tobacco when I listen to these guys. That's cool and all, but their harmonies are literally always the same (always the same interval seemingly) and again, they're a ****ing snooze fest!

MGMT: Yeah, their three radio hits from Oracular Spectacular are pretty cool, but the rest of their material is just wannabe beatles BS
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Something tells me you drink hazardous amounts of Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Quote by Joshua Garcia
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