Fleet Foxes: Let's face it, you're probably a big pussy if you listen to this band. SNOOZEFEST

Arcade Fire: OMG THEY USE ACCORDIONS AND MELODICAS AND SHIT, SOOOO INDIE! I haven't enjoyed a single song these guys have released since neighborhood number 2 (which I actually thought was pretty cool) and the fact that they won a grammy is pretty much proof that they're a joke.

The Magnetic Fields: I want to punch the singer in the face, or kick him in the balls until his annoying ass low grumbly voice shoots up an octave. I mean, 69 love songs? Really? That just screams homosexual.

Kings of Convenience: I feel like I should be sitting at the top of a Norwegian castle smoking pipe tobacco when I listen to these guys. That's cool and all, but their harmonies are literally always the same (always the same interval seemingly) and again, they're a ****ing snooze fest!

MGMT: Yeah, their three radio hits from Oracular Spectacular are pretty cool, but the rest of their material is just wannabe beatles BS
Something tells me you drink hazardous amounts of Pabst Blue Ribbon.
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