So, getting out of the band, I realize I have no need for my half stack.
I'm planning to sell it, and get hopefully around $250-350 for it.
I have quite a bit saved up, and I'm looking to get a digital rig.
My plans -> buy a new laptop sometime, buy studio monitors, and studio desk.
And then to buy something to start off my recording, which is something I'm interested in a career with.
I've currently got interest in a POD x3 PRO, GSP1101, and Eleven Rack.
AxeFX would be nice, but the price turns me off there.
Out of those three (or make suggestions), what would be best for me?
I want something that can easily be used for recording, nothing that takes TOO much experience to learn with (I plan on teaching myself).
The types of music that I play is stuff like Scale the Summit, and the occasional BTBAM, PtH stuff.
I also enjoy acoustic.
So what would be my best route?
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I say go for the 11 rack but that's just me I mean the eleven rack and the Axe Fx are the top 2 out there currently and with the new Axe fx dropping shortly people are selling their old one to get the latest and greatest so you can catch a deal there if you look i hear.
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