I'm interested as well. Video was actually kinda funny too.
i don't know why i feel so dry
I went on the website and I got 32 pop-ups claiming there's hot teens nearby waiting to get boned.

Silly TS.

In all honesty, it says the name of the person that covered it at the end of the video, some research on that name might get you there.
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Possibly hazardious link is possibly hazardious. Not clicking.

It's not this by any chance? You know, just in case.
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oh my god! guitarViking is a genius... respect !!!

I'm GuitarViking! Don't you forget it!
Sounds a bit like the music on the Just For Laughs Gags show.
^^ Hahah, I'm just kidding.. or am I?

Don't click this.
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this, though someone slowed down the song.
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