So here is the situation, I go to school for music, and I walk with my guitar alot. I need to know a good case, probly a gig bag to use while I walk. I have just a run of the mill gig bag now, and the straps kill my shoulders after a day of walking with it.

Preferably under 200 bucks, I'm cool with shopping online but I need a place that can ship to Canada.

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I've got a Mono M80 Electric Guitar Gig Bag and it's excellent.

$5 over your budget - http://www.monocase.com/mono-electric-guitar.asp but you could prob find one cheaper if you shop around.

Waterproof, side support, neck brace (a must for Gibsons), plenty of pockets inc neat straps for cables etc.

I've used one solidly for over a year and there is no real signs of use and my guitar's haven't been dinked in travelling.

If I had to find something wrong, and it's really picky, is that the shoulder straps cannot be totally hidden when you are not using them.


A review of the acoustic version but gives you an idea of build quality - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Azbr4Shial0
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Pffft sod that,

Go and buy a PRS SE case, best soft case I have ever used.

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I have a Parker guitars gigbag which is 3-4 times thicker than any gigbag I've ever seen. It's like having a HSC. I think Sweetwater still sells them for 99 bucks.